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village idiot [DELETED user]
Kawaii meat prints.

Sometime this Summer, Angelic Pretty will discover the traditional picnic or cook-out and will fall in love with plaid tablecloths, cute country styled plates and cutlery, and even potato salad and hot dogs and hamburgers. They'll release a border print featuring cute cut crystal bowls piled high with potato salad, links of sausages piled up on china plates, juicy hamburgers stacked 3 patties high, and hot dogs with a squiggle of glittery golden mustard going down the middle. Of course, everything will be printed in pale pastels, creating a nauseating raw-hamburger and un-cooked hot dog effect. But Lolita's will eat it up (har har) anyways and the next thing you know Baby will be putting out a sort of retro styled print with hot dogs and hamburgers and Innocent World will be releasing a print featuring a fine line drawing of marbled T-bone steaks.

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village idiot [DELETED user]

Надо ли говорить что мейкап гуро лоли очарователен ^^"

Дети.Просто Дети.

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